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    Why Choose Us?

    Robust Security

    Safe use of microservices splitting design and AI to provide smart token and trading management

    Smooth Operation

    Memory matching system of megabits per second with admissible user throughput up to ten million

    Multiple Coins & Trading Pairs

    Support up to 400+ high-quality coins and 270+ various trading pairs

    Professional Team

    Professional team with rich experience in the field of blockchain, finance, digital assets and AI

    7*24 Support

    7*24 hours service with multilingual support to solve your inquiries instantly

    Grid Trading

    Grid Trading is a type of quantitative trading, and used in traditional finance for many years. It refers to a price based on a certain price, a certain number of prices up and down the price of a certain number of orders, high to sell low to buy.

    Operationally, investors divide the price fluctuation range of digital assets into several price ranges based on the price fluctuations of digital assets. The program allocates funds to pending buy orders at various prices.

    Dozens of trading strategies, greatly satisfying users' diversity demands for trading , and has effectively lowered the threshold for trading profit.